The next generation are our financial future

David Gorton
2 min readAug 9, 2021

“Bears” and “Bulls”, “Accelerators” and “Pitches” are normally the domain of the of the well learned financial elite, a light year away from the common vernacular of a high school student in the yard. But that is all about to change….

Photo by Daniel Thomas on Unsplash

Far from the bustle of the heart Melbourne’s financial district, a group of 13–14 year old students sit in a classroom at a school in the western suburbs eagerly absorbing the electronic future that awaits them. Whilst the “core” class next door admire the Entrepreneurship class through the window, it is clear that there is a clamour for an engaging and future proof curriculum.

On entry into the elective, students are immediately exposed to the incubator style environment, whilst there may be no beanbags, drinks machines or even a bagel delivery service, the students all have access to the Bring You Own Device scheme, and a collaborative team based environment. Working extensively in the google ecosystem, the students build their own website, featuring an entrepreneur of their choice, uploading their links for peer appraisal.

As students proceed through the course they experience a number of online and interactive activities, designed to broaden their understanding of key business concepts, whilst exploring their awareness of marketing, branding, cryptocurrency and more.

By working in in small group “incubators”, the students thrive in the cloud based environment, leaving their peers behind in their “traditional” core curriculum offer.

As we look to prepare our young adults for a fast paced, ever evolving career pathway, having the futureproof skills and competences for the dynamic, the concept of the entrepreneurial student could, and certainly should be embedded firmly in our global educational curriculum, for the advancement of our global future.

David Gorton is a Business Management and Entrepreneur specialist based in Melbourne, Australia. David can be found at